"Small Children In Cars – A Tale of Anguish, Pain and Terror" by Patrick Molnar

This new video reel from Patrick Molnar is anything but! Pat’s a daddy of two and  probably speaking from experience when he send over this tentative title.

Take a look at this utterly charming piece directed by Mr. Molnar featuring the most adorable set of little dudes and a song by the band Phish.


Mike Powell | 24 hrs w/ Derek Jeter

Weellll…more like a handful of hours with the celebrity baseball athlete  :  )

Here’s a great new portrait from Mike Powell’s shoot with Derek Jeter for the upcoming 24hr fitness campaign. Mike also shot Andre Agassi in Las Vegas for 24hr, earlier this month – more awesome images on the way….

Patrick Molnar shoots Marriott Hotels for McGarryBowen

Here are some behind the scene actions of Pat Molnar and his crew workin hard on the recent Marriott shoot in Florida for McGarrybowen, NYC. What a better way to end a shoot, then by doing a MASSIVE belly flop into the hotel swimming pool! Or…at least….it sounded like a good idea. But after seeing Pat’s bright red stomach post FLOP, we though, nah…let’s just order a round of beers and call it a day.

Our thanks go to out to everyone at the agency for an amazing shoot!

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Serve and Volley! Mike Powell shoots Andre Agassi for 24hr fitness

Earlier this month, MIKE POWELL, now in his 3rd shoot for 24hr fitness’ upcoming campaign, had another successful shoot with tennis champ, Andre Agassi in Las Vegas. We don’t have any pics to share with you just yet, but we’re certain the resulting images are …uh….(fill in the appropriate tennis pun of your choice).