Mike Powell on the road – Tour de France

Mike Powell has been traveling all summer long making the rounds on the professional tennis circuit, shooting first the French/Australian Open and Wimbledon for Sports Illustrated and for independent publishers BQ Blackwell’s forthcoming book, “The Tennis Project” ( BTW – check out the earlier post featuring the absolutely awesome shot of Serena William’s workin it on the cover of SI).  For the past month, Mike’s sport sojourn has had him traveling around France covering one of the greatest cycling races – the Tour de France. Mike is back from his epic travels and here are some shots from the road:

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Brian Kuhlmann Shoots Samsung Galaxy S Phone

A few weeks ago, I posted a “mystery pic” of Brian Kuhlmann, dressed up as a medieval knight in shining (plastic?) armor on  location in Chicago. At the time we were sworn to secrecy about the job, and  as a few of you incorrectly guessed it was NOT for Capital One (although if anyone from CO is reading this – Brian’s your main man!) but for SAMSUNG GALAXY S  phone, completed for Leo Burnett. A little background for all you non-techies – Samsung’s handsome new Galaxy S gadget is an android based smart phone, a competitor to the Droid and Iphone. The shoot went amazingly and Brian’s studio was kind enough to send over a few fun shots of our gallant rental knights leaving the set, Brian in action and the finished Ads. Enjoy!

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Brian Kuhlmann – From Disco With Love and Then Some!

Here are a handful of brand spankin’ new images from Mr. Brian Kuhlmann’s studio. The first series informally titled “From Disco With Love” features the hot & sweet  Chicago-based club/electro/disco duo Moneypenny shot for their upcoming album and website. Also thrown in mix here, are a few new lifestylely fashiony works.

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Wham! Mike Powell's July Sports Illustrated Cover

As the cover of this month’s July Sport’s Illustrated says – You can love her, you can hate her, but there is NO denying that Serena Williams is among the best female tennis players ever. And here she is, captured by our Mike Powell at Wimbledon.  Mike’s currently off another sports adventure – shooting the Tour de France. We’ll post those pics as soon as we have’em and in the mean while, here’s Mike’s image of Serena on the cover of SI. For more great tennis shots from Roland Garros, Wimbledon and more,  take a look at “The Tennis Project