Kuhlmann Fashioning Desire

Brian Kuhlmann is proud to be taking part in a public exhibition of Chicago’s fashion photography in the heart of downtown at historic Water Tower Place. The reception is tomorrow evening, Tuesday October 19th, from 6-8 p.m. Read the press release here.

One of Brian’s pieces that will be on display:

A snapshot of Chicago’s lively and diverse fashion photography scene, Fashioning Desire features the work of nine local fashion photographers. This exhibition in the City Gallery at the Historic Water Tower presents over two dozen images from both established and emerging talents currently working in Chicago. The established photographers represented in the exhibition include David Leslie Anthony, Verser Engelhard, Brian Kuhlmann, and Sandro. The emerging photographers showcased are Michael Canavan, Erika Dufour, Joshua Alexandre Haines, Rachel Hanel, and Jason Kim.

Fashioning Desire is arranged by photographer, and the images created constitute a careful calibration of beauty and commerce. In many of the photographs, the viewer is lured into a complicated scenario as an invisible accomplice. The voyeuristic intimacy is intensified by the desire to participate in some way, which is most easily satisfied by purchasing the alluring merchandise or imitating the style. In reality the viewer has entered a scene created within the photographer’s mind, an imaginative wonderland of desirable people and merchandise. All the photographs on display are generated by a commercial imperative but they stand alone as the seductive and personal imaginings of the creators.

A public reception for Fashioning Desire will be held on Tuesday, October 19, from 6 – 8 pm.


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