One Thousand Cranes For Japan

We recently did a portfolio show at Team One and were stopped in our tracks by their display of beautiful origami cranes in their lobby.

Lisa Matthews explained that Team One had made a donation to the Japan Earthquake & Tsunami Relief Fund which (thanks to One Thousand Cranes For Japan) allows you to download beautifully created designs that can be made into origami cranes. Under Japanese tradition a wish may be granted in response to someone with the devotion to fold one thousand origami cranes.

Lisa and all the Team One ladies were kind enough to let us partake in making some cranes of our own which will be added to the Team One collection. As stated on‘We are hoping many thousands of you will fold and then place your crane somewhere prominent so that it might inspire others to also focus their intent and devotion toward those in the grip of this tragedy.’

Click here to get involved.

Team One Lobby

Team One Lobby

our first crane

20 cranes and counting

one last look

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