Tennis Panorama News Interviews Mike Powell

Check out Tennis Panorama News’ in-depth interview with Mike Powell regarding his new book, A Game to Love.

Mike Powell in Paris - doing what he does best.

A quick snippet from the interview:

TPN: Do have a personal favorite photo or photos that you would tell others “this epitomizes my work.”

MP: Yes on both counts and they are at opposite ends of the spectrum. The work that epitomizes my work would probably be the peak action moments, Rafa on the cover or celebrating his victory at Wimbledon pumping both fists and up on his toes. The series on Serena at Wimbledon hitting hard and finally fist pumping and screaming.

My personal favorites are the images that surprised me, quieter more reflects moments or graphic shapes. Rafa from the semi finals at Wimbledon with his arms out and amazing light  (pg 2-3). The hats from above at Roland Garros. The direction post at the Aussie open. Rafa’s taped fingers on the trophies. Small moments from with the height of battle or flavors of the Slam that only looked great on the twentieth time past, when the light was perfect.

TPN: What advice would you give to aspiring sports photographers?

MP: Shoot, shoot and shoot some more.

Develop your own eye. I see a lot of very repetitive images in sports. Try and look at what you are shooting in new ways. This is very hard but just slight changes can keep things fresh. Force yourself to put down long lenses and try to make a picture on a short lens. That way you force yourself to see and interpret the usual in a way you haven’t before.

To read the interview in its entirety, please click here.


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