LIFE Magazine Features Mike Powell’s New Book

Life Magazine on Mike Powell‘s new book, A Game To Love, congrats Mike!

“Mike Powell has been photographing sports for almost three decades, covering epic events from the Super Bowl to the Olympics. But one of his signal achievements is the recently released book, A Game to Love: In Celebration of Tennis, in which he set out to portray all four Grand Slams in unique, unexpected ways. Here, then, are some of the world’s greatest players at the world’s great tournaments, as you’ve never seen them before — through Mike Powell’s lens.” -Life Magazine

We also love hearing the stories behind the shots as told  from Mike’s perspective – below. Read more on

"This was at the main stadium at the US Open," Powell recalls. "I was hoping this game would end, because the players up next were the people I really wanted to shoot, and the light would be great for their match. But this game went on too long, I was losing the light, and I started looking for details. There was a new ball, with all that fuzz on it. I saw the fuzz hanging in the air, so I started shooting for that moment in the serve. When you have nothing to shoot, you look for details, and can surprise yourself."


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