Douglas Kirkland | Coco Chanel Exhibition | Tokyo Japan

Mark your calendar for Douglas‘ upcoming exhibition in Tokyo, Japan: September 4 – September 29, 2011. Curated by James Cavello, the exhibition features images captured by Douglas in 1962 of pioneering French fashion designer Coco Chanel.  Chanel’s extraordinary influence on fashion was such that she was the only person in the couturier field to be named on Time 100: The Most Important People of the Century.

Congratulations Mike Powell | IPA Winner

Congratulations to Mike Powell for placing third in this year’s International Photography Awards in the Other Book category for his latest book ‘A Game to Love.’ Mike is a master of capturing extraordinary images that bring to life the triumphs, hardships and endurance of some of the greatest athletes around the world.

We wanted to examine how tennis has such an amazing mix of the gladiatorial and the elegant, a fashion show in which the models are out to kill each other, in terms of play. -Mike Powell

Brian Kuhlmann’s 1st Place IPA Win

Congratulations to Brian Kuhlmann for winning 1st place in the International Photography Awards Advertising Professional Product category with his Gatorade Natural Series !

Brian is well known for his dramatic lighting and capturing spontaneous energy from his subjects, whether it’s people having a good time, or athletes flying through the air (as evidenced by his first place win). The winning Gatorade images were shot with VML, Kansas City.

Ivo von Renner's IPA Win

Congratulations to Ivo von Renner for placing third in the International Photography Awards ADVERTISING: OTHER AD PRO category for his Mercedes Benz Taxi series !

About Ivo (in his own words): 

I am rich. The grandest beauty of my job is with those whom I can share my wealth. We embark on adventures through unthinkable and unlikely corners of this planet together. With the guidance of those who have come before us I am led to what my eyes had not seen ’til now. With the curiosity of those who are at the start of their journey the experiences are created once again, as though for the first time. For every journey is its own, where new angles of vision create untouched soil once again. These encounters mean the world to me, what I have explored and have yet to explore. This is my true wealth, priceless moments, unable to be taken from me.

Krovblit, Expecting Soon

Crack a peanut (or 5) and pop open a bottle of beer while you enjoy Krovblit‘s latest direct mail piece, Expecting Soon. Click here to see a nice lil video showcasing this amazing direct mail piece in action!

Krovblit says it best:

While you sit back and enjoy a cold one, let me tell you a little bit about this project.

A while back an amazing art director came to me with this idea. A local microbrewery was launching a new beer. He wanted to me shoot this big burly dude with a pregnant-looking beer belly. Fortunately, I had just worked with a model who I knew would be perfect for this.

All doe eyed, burly dude would pose for the camera in the ever-classic Demi moore nude pregnancy pose. Luckily for us, Richard (the model) was super cool and fun to work with. We quickly rattled off tons of great stuff, which made the image selection hard – but boy did we have a good laugh.

And that is how we gave birth to this weird and wonderful image.

Krovblit | Why Shorter is Better | Worldwide Short Film Festival

If you’ve ever read Mad Magazine you’re familiar with artist Al Jaffee’s fold-in illustrations that when folded create a new image. This was the inspiration behind the posters, flyers, newspaper and magazine ads shot by Krovblit for the Worldwide Short Film Festival. To illustrate their operative word ‘short’ the images prompt you to ‘fold to see why shorter is better,’ once folded a new image/narrative is revealed.

The most difficult part of the shoot was making sure the image worked when folded’ says Krovblit. ‘Definitely very technical and a lot of trial and error.’ I asked if there were any stories from the shoot to which Krovblit replied: ‘Starting a chainsaw in a public park is illegal and we went gorilla style on this one. So you can imagine how daunting it got when the park patrol drove by.’

Nice work and nice job bending the rules.