Krovblit | Why Shorter is Better | Worldwide Short Film Festival

If you’ve ever read Mad Magazine you’re familiar with artist Al Jaffee’s fold-in illustrations that when folded create a new image. This was the inspiration behind the posters, flyers, newspaper and magazine ads shot by Krovblit for the Worldwide Short Film Festival. To illustrate their operative word ‘short’ the images prompt you to ‘fold to see why shorter is better,’ once folded a new image/narrative is revealed.

The most difficult part of the shoot was making sure the image worked when folded’ says Krovblit. ‘Definitely very technical and a lot of trial and error.’ I asked if there were any stories from the shoot to which Krovblit replied: ‘Starting a chainsaw in a public park is illegal and we went gorilla style on this one. So you can imagine how daunting it got when the park patrol drove by.’

Nice work and nice job bending the rules.


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