Krovblit, Expecting Soon

Crack a peanut (or 5) and pop open a bottle of beer while you enjoy Krovblit‘s latest direct mail piece, Expecting Soon. Click here to see a nice lil video showcasing this amazing direct mail piece in action!

Krovblit says it best:

While you sit back and enjoy a cold one, let me tell you a little bit about this project.

A while back an amazing art director came to me with this idea. A local microbrewery was launching a new beer. He wanted to me shoot this big burly dude with a pregnant-looking beer belly. Fortunately, I had just worked with a model who I knew would be perfect for this.

All doe eyed, burly dude would pose for the camera in the ever-classic Demi moore nude pregnancy pose. Luckily for us, Richard (the model) was super cool and fun to work with. We quickly rattled off tons of great stuff, which made the image selection hard – but boy did we have a good laugh.

And that is how we gave birth to this weird and wonderful image.


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