Douglas Kirkland | Young Hollywood | Recent Shoots

Douglas Kirkland seems to always have a camera in hand and a plethora of lovely women surrounding him (most notably his lovely wife Francoise). Recently he photographed: actress Dominik Garcia-Lorido, daughter of actor Andy Garcia, actress Melia Renee, actress & NYU student Diana Irvine & French student & Francoise Kirkland’s lovely niece – Sarah Manahem.

Dominik Garcia-Lorido

Dominik Garcia-Lorido was chosen by Douglas as one of the subjects for the book of  the 180 Anniversary of the Arctic Parka for Woolrich. Douglas really liked her energy and style and decided to photograph her again before she left Los Angeles for Miami where she is filming the miniseries Magic City for the next few months. She plays a Cuban girl in Miami Beach in the late 1950’s. She also starred in the critically acclaimed City Island with her Dad Andy in 2009.

Dominik Garcia-Lorido

Melia Renee

‘We have known Melia since she was in high school and Douglas always wanted to photograph her. She has since become an accomplished actress and we reconnected this summer for a shoot.’  – Says Francoise Kirkland. Some of her credits include: “Meet Jane”  (TV) 2011 “All Ages” 2010 “We are the Mods” 2009 “Without a Trace” TV series 2008 “The Greatest Show Ever” TV 2007.

Melia Renee

Diana Irvine

Diana Irvine was Douglas’ intern over the summer and is studying acting at NYU.

Sarah Menahem

Sarah Menahem is Francoise Kirkland’s beautiful 19 year old French niece who is a brilliant student in college.


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