Pat Molnar | Behind the Scenes Wells Fargo

Pat Molnar is certainly keeping busy! Check out these behind the scenes shots from his recent shoot for Wells Fargo. We know he’s working hard – but it looks like a lot of fun!

Thank you to Amy, Vanessa, Romy, Kirt, Alyssa, Melissa, Drew, Chris, Andrew, Christian, Radford, AB, Christa, other Melissa, Kate, Kaylinn, Stephen, Stephen’s asst., Caroline, Nancy, Ryan at Park Tavern and all the talent. And last but not least, the ever-so-fabulous John Noonan at Gravy Productions.


Pat Molnar for Moe’s | Microwaves Ruin Everything

Check out this explosive video Pat Molnar directed for Moe’s Southwest Grill! Watch what happens when you put a watermelon, a light bulb and a champagne bottle (among other things) in the microwave. Filmed at 500 frames a second, you’re able to catch the full effect of these magnificent combustions.

Disney Hall Gets Standing Ovation from H&A

Last night at the Walt Disney Concert Hall.  What a thrilling night it was – soaking in Gustav Mahler’s Symphony no. 3 with Gustavo Dudamel conducting the Simon Bolivar Symphony Orchestra of Venezuela.  It was a standing ovation all the way around – BRAVO!!!

H&A | LACMA Event

H&A hosted agency friends at LACMA last week for an exclusive tour of the museum. They were treated to behind-the-scenes look at the museum’s conversation lab and the newly-installed Egyptian exhibit. Check out some fun pics from the tour (and Stark Bar!) below.  Thanks for making our Friday night Saatchi, Designory, Team One, David & Goliath!