Pat Molnar | Behind the Scenes in LA

Pat Molnar had an amazing shoot in LA last week with some great people from some great companies we can’t mention yet.  Check out some behind the scenes shots below, and stay tuned for more announcements!

Thank you very, very much to Dave, Allie, Ryan, Christina, Rita, Laura, Josh, Kim, John and David @ Gravy Productions, Greg, Ben, Drew, Bryan, Justin, Keith, Joe, Christina, Sam, Elizabeth, Greg, Danny D, Lucy, Gabby, Rusty and all of the talent and location folks.

Pat Molnar | Behind the Scenes Wells Fargo

Pat Molnar is certainly keeping busy! Check out these behind the scenes shots from his recent shoot for Wells Fargo. We know he’s working hard – but it looks like a lot of fun!

Thank you to Amy, Vanessa, Romy, Kirt, Alyssa, Melissa, Drew, Chris, Andrew, Christian, Radford, AB, Christa, other Melissa, Kate, Kaylinn, Stephen, Stephen’s asst., Caroline, Nancy, Ryan at Park Tavern and all the talent. And last but not least, the ever-so-fabulous John Noonan at Gravy Productions.