Pat Molnar | Video Goes Viral!

Pat Molnar‘s explosive video – which we showed you last week – has now gotten over ONE MILLION views on YouTube! The video he directed for Moe’s Southwest Grill first went viral all over the web, on blogs such as CBS News and The Huffington Post, and now it’s hit the news network after being featured on ABC News! If you haven’t seen it yet, watch it below:


Ivo von Renner | Katharina Hovman

We DARE you to try and figure out what this mysterious spot – which Ivo von Renner created – is for. Our only hint is that it was made for a fashion client by the name of Katharina Hovman. Now click the video below to watch, good luck!!

Pat Molnar for Moe’s | Microwaves Ruin Everything

Check out this explosive video Pat Molnar directed for Moe’s Southwest Grill! Watch what happens when you put a watermelon, a light bulb and a champagne bottle (among other things) in the microwave. Filmed at 500 frames a second, you’re able to catch the full effect of these magnificent combustions.

Krovblit | Virgin Gaming Madden NFL Spot

Krovblit recently directed a video spot for Virgin Gaming which just launched on the Madden NFL home page (on launch day no less !) and will be running as a national TV spot in the US, UK and Canada. See the video spot here.

Through the EA Sports Arena, (powered by Virgin Gaming), you can play the online video game Madden NFL 12 for real cash prizes, so in addition to bragging rights you can actually earn some dough, go figure.

Krovblit says the daunting part of the shoot was:

getting the talent to get the dodging away from the ball part just right so that we could get the post effects to work properly.’

(I’m guessing the whole making-sure-the-talent-didn’t-get-hit-in-the-face-with-a-football part was daunting as well, but maybe I’m interjecting my own football throwing skills into the equation.)

The (incredible !) still photo of the family portrait, (used as a prop on the back wall) was also shot by Krovblit and when asked how he managed to pull together such a convincing family unit to match the talent he said:

..believe it or not, the family was his real family…I could not have been happier with them as the cast or the way it turned out. Proud mother, father and awkward geeky kid. Each perfectly in their own little world.

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More behind the scenes pics from the shoot: